Question and Answer

First race I ever saw that made the biggest impression: Eldora Million – The raw adrenaline at this race was crazy and it was my first time at Eldora.

Most enjoyable stop during your racing season and why? World 100 – The biggest race of the year and I love racing at Eldora.

Biggest influence on my career (why?): Mom and Dad – Everything from bringing me to the races when I was young to giving me the best opportunity in the world so I can do what I love.

Ricky Bobby vs. Cole Trickle (who wins?): Cole Trickle by a mile. I wore that movie out!

My best friend at the races: Not one specific person but usually my crew and the Rocket guys we travel with.

Most memorable race experience: 2006 World 100 because we were in contention for the win and ended up 4th. Words cannot describe how I felt during this race.

What I’d be doing if not racing for a living: I grew up intending to be a Mechanical Engineer but I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing.

Must-see TV (programs you watch regularly): Fantasy Factory, Modern Family, Nitro Circus, Pawn Stars, Ax Men, and I hate to admit it but American Idol.

Favorite music: I LOVE music. I like all kinds but mostly 90’s to modern Rock.

First car I owned: 2000 GMC Sierra, I got it two weeks before I turned 15 and she’s still running strong.

Career number of speeding tickets: I think only three but got off quite a few times.

Movies not to be missed: Days of Thunder, 21, American Gangster, Harold and Kumar, American Pie Trilogy, Shutter Island.

Web sites I hit regularly: DirtonDirt,, and Facebook.

Biggest superstition: NO CHICKEN ON RACE DAY!

Bad habit I’d like to kick: Speeding

Last supper (one meal to have if you could have just one more): Homemade Spaghetti

You’d be surprised to know that I was: Born two and a half months premature.

Three things you won’t leave home without: iPhone, wallet and Jordans (shoes).

Best vacation getaway: Home – I don’t get to spend a lot of time there but it’s always (home).

Favorite sports team as a kid: I don’t ever watch anything but racing.

Hero worship (people you look up to for any reason): Parents – Everyone hates to admit it but they actually are right most of the time.

Bucket list (three things you hope to do while you’re alive): Win World 100, get married and have kids (someday), win a Sprint Cup Championship (always in the back of your mind).

Words to live by (your favorite race motto, or best advice you’ve ever been given): “Get up on the wheel”.

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